“The world is full of folly and confusion, the lack of freedom has deep roots, the hope for justice and equality is dwindling, the odds against us are too great, it seems. We should be glad to be as well off as we are, people say, most people are worse off. Then they take a pill for insomnia. Or depression. Or life. When will a new generation come, one that understands the importance of equality, a generation of gardeners and foresters who can fell the big trees that block the light for all the lesser ones, and who can remove the suckers from the tree of knowledge.”

*Thomas F's Last Notes to The Public - Kjell Askildsen

We created an independent photoshoot for Tu Be'Svat (the holiday of trees) in honor of nature and in hope for better days.

"The Independent Collective"
Art: Bridezilla - Ravit Dyaminstien
Video & Editing: Roee Raifeld
Photography: Itamar Cohen 
Jewelry & Styling: Maya Sebbah
Hair: Gidon Vagman

Models: Hofit Idlis, Adi Pechter, Lee Sharafan, Nir Liberman, DJ Roy Shpilman, Miko the dog



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